What You Should Expect When Starting A LCHF Diet For Weight Loss

If you’re new to eating a LCHF diet know that it can take a while for your body to heal after sustaining metabolic damage from eating a processed diet full of sugar, starch and processed vegetable oils. Such healing is very often a necessary first step to losing weight. Focus on healing rather than weight loss for the first couple of weeks!

For the first week or so keep your food very simple; eggs cooked in butter for breakfast, tuna salad with plenty of homemade mayonnaise, avocados or some nuts and cheddar cheese for lunch and beef or chicken with cauliflower roasted in plenty of olive oil, coconut oil or butter for dinner. Forget fancy and focus on eating the correct foods like the ones on our LCHF food list. See also this list of foods to strictly avoid.

When starting out see your doctor to make sure that your thyroid is working fine, and if you’re a woman over 40, that your reproductive hormones are balanced. Begin supplementing with the correct minerals and supplements to allow your body to heal from the years of eating junk: Magnesium, Potassium, D3, a probiotic to repopulate your gut with healthy bacteria, Omega 3’s, and a multi-vitamin daily are essential too as your processed diet has probably made you deficient in all these things.

Remember that this is a lifestyle change and it will take you several weeks to feel comfortable with eating this way and to become fat adapted.

In the first week its normal to feel irritable, weak and hungry as you body switches over to burning fat rather than glucose. Don’t skimp on the salt (chicken broth is good to sip on) because as your body burns through its stored glucose, you’ll also be losing alot of water and salt too. Be sure to take your vitamins too. Eat plenty of of high fat snacks.

Leave the job of calorie counting and weight loss until week 2. You want to focus on eating correctly in week 1 and becoming familiar with eating more fat and far fewer carbs. See our article here on easy ways to add more fat to your diet and pick up a copy of our easy to use cookbook to see all the delicious meals you can eat.

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