How To Do The Lose and Cruise

Good morning LCHF dieters! Elena here. Today I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite “secret” weight loss tips.  While not for everyone, it sure worked great for me and kept me sane during the long weeks of weight loss.

When I lost my weight 5 years ago I developed what I called the “lose and cruise” strategy. I would diet strictly for 5 days, lose a pound and then ‘cruise’ for a day or two. I coined the term ‘cruising’ to mean a day or two where I sought to ‘maintain’ and consolidate my new weight loss for that week by eating a few more “allowed” foods for a day or two eg. an extra serves of veggies or some higher carb ones like tomatoes, carrots or butternut squash, an extra glass of wine, a LCHF dessert. On these days I would eat maintenance calories instead of weight loss calories. For me that meant an extra 400-500 calories a day. I’d generally try and keep carbs to around 20g net carbs as I didn’t want to see water weight gain the next day. Cruise days were usually Saturday and Sunday. 

What I liked about doing ‘the cruise’ is that when I returned to the serious business of losing weight 2 days later my weight started dropping immediately. For me, this approach worked great. It stopped me from cracking under the pressure of being strict during the week and was a sort of a minor celebration, an easing off from the accelerator of weight loss. Try this and see if it works for you.

Note – the ‘cruise’ phase is not an opportunity to “pig out” or “eat off plan” – its a chance to catch your breath, enjoy a small ‘reward’ and a chance to experience what weight maintenance is like. After the ‘cruise’ I would return to my weight loss refreshed.

If you subscribe to the theory that prolonged dieting can lower your metabolic rate (we’re undecided on that one), then doing ‘the cruise’ is a good way of not letting your body get complacent and surprising it once in a while so that it doesn’t think its in permanent calorie deficit.

It’s also good practice for when you eventually reach maintenance. A “cruise” day is is how you’ll be eating when you reach your weight loss goal in order to maintain your weight. Oh no – you won’t be suddenly adding a ton of carbs back into your diet. Remember this way of eating is for life! What gets you well, keeps you well.

Here’s an example of a “cruise” day I had during my weight loss phase. Note that I NEVER ate anything off plan ie  I didn’t eat sugar, flour, fruit or grains and I only really cut loose with ONE meal only (usually dinner)- not all 3. Plus I never ate more than 25-30g net carbs for the day.  My macros are still in the recommended range. Here’s a typical “cruise” day for me. Recipes marked with a * are from our LCHF Nation Cookbook:

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs*

Lunch: Couple of scoops of Tuna Salad* with sliced avocado and green salad.

Dinner: 10oz rib eye steak, Avocado Bearnaise Sauce*, 4 cups green salad with balsamic/olive oil dressing*, 2 glasses Pinot Noir, 1.5 Pumpkin Puddings*.


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