Everything You Need to Know About Body Fat and How it Affects Health

Getting fat is generally seen as a problem to avoid and to overcome and while its true that getting fat is associated with many health problems and in itself inherently leads to more health problems. Here is everything you need to know about body fat and how it affects health.

Do you know why our bodies store fat so readily?

Our bodies are wired to lay down fat on cue whenever we eat fruit, starches and especially sugars in preparation for the lean times ahead when food will be scarce such as during the long winter when very little grows and there’s little to eat. It is during the long winter that, if necessary, we can go into ketosis and live off our on body fat.

At least that was how it happened thousands of years ago when humans and animals would gorge on end of summer fruit in order to lay down fat in readiness for the lean winter ahead.

Btw, animals still gorge on fruit before they hibernate. I’m sure if they had access to picnic baskets like Yogi Bear did they’d eat the contents of those too 😉

In prehistoric times it was the humans who laid down fat more easily that survived the long famine times and who went on to breed ie the ones who had the “store fat easily” genes. The naturally leaner types of humans rarely survived. Being naturally slim was certainly not an advantage back then.

You and I are the product of those ancestors who were able to survive – we inherited those same advantageous ‘store fat easily’ genes that ensure that we will not starve in times of famine. Isn’t that great?!

Well no…..what was once a genetic advantage is no longer so in these times of plenty in the Western world, where supermarket shelves are lined with items to help speed fat storage in ever stronger formulations containing fat boosters and appetite stimulators such as high fructose corn syrup, year round fruit and never ending supplies of candy, bread, processed food and highly sweetened snack food.  There’s no only one time during the year when you can pluck an apple from a tree and enjoy a fructose boost. Now we can enjoy a sugar boost whenever we feel like it – whether we’re hungry, fat, thin, or diabetic.

Getting fat is actually a protective mechanism our body instigates whenever we eat too much sugary, starchy food.  Putting glucose into storage in our body fat cells is the body’s way of whipping harmful glucose out of our blood circulation and out of harm’s way.


You see, our bodies are trying to do us a favor by getting fat. They’re trying to protect us!

The trouble is, in these sugar-laden, high carb times our bodies are required to work over-time to remove the endless supply of glucose from our bloodstreams. Eventually these bodily protective mechanisms break down and that’s when we develop insulin resistance and diabetes. Our bodies desperately try and pump out more and more insulin (the hormone that’s needed to store fat), and our doctors prescribe it to us to get that glucose out of our bloodstream…..and into our fat cells.

AND so we get fat!

Once we have a broken metabolism, which is essentially what insulin resistance and diabetes are, it becomes even harder to lose weight – especially as we continue to eat a carb-centric diet.


The way to take the stress off our poor bodies is to switch to a LCHF diet.

Remember, on an evolutionary level humans today are the product of their ‘store fat easily’ ancestors who survived the long famines.

We are designed to easily get fat when we ingest sugar and starch.  That would be great if sugar and starch were only around a few weeks of the year such as in apple season. Unfortunately that’s not the case.

We go on gorging on sugar until we destroy our bodies…and our bodies get sick in protest.

So, when will you make LCHF your default lifestyle? We began 6 years ago and have never looked back!

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