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How Much Protein Do You Need to Eat on a LCHF Diet?

When it comes to protein aim to consume an adequate-moderate amount each day. Though not a hard and fast rule, in general, taller people, men and those who are more active will need to eat more protein, than women and those who are less active. Contrary to popular, and misguided, opinion, a low ...

Reasons Why You’re not Losing Weight on Your LCHF Diet – Reason # 3: Eating Too Much Protein

Yesterday we talked about two common reasons why you're not losing weight on your LCHF diet: Calorie and carb creep.  The third reason may surprise you: Are you eating too much protein? If despite lowering your carbs and calories your weight still won't budge or if you hit a stall - especially ...

Follow Our 3 Step Process to Start Losing Weight

If you still need help after that, pick up one of our calorie controlled meal plans which tells you exactly what to eat for your calorie level or sign up for personal diet coaching.