Our Favorite Roast Chicken

Our Favorite Roast Chicken – It always seems like a special occasion at our house when a roast chicken is in the oven, which is very frequently since we make this chicken, or a variation of it, at least once every couple of weeks during the fall and winter.  We love to serve it with pan gravy made from the delicious savory drippings along with a dish of roasted brussels sprouts or roasted cauliflower. The carb eaters in your house would appreciate a side dish of mashed potatoes, leaving more of the yummy roasted vegetables for you to enjoy.

Chicken Stock/Soup:  Whenever you roast a chicken, don’t discard the carcass or the bones. You can simmer the carcass in a large pot of water to cover for 6-8 hours adding a chopped carrot, a couple sticks sliced celery, a chopped onion, bay leaves and black pepper  for flavor during the last hour for a great homemade chicken stock that you can strain and use for homemade chicken soup.

To make chicken soup from the stock,  just reduce the stock slightly, add extra veges, such as celery, carrot, mushrooms, garlic and chopped onion that have been pan-fried then add some chopped raw chicken and cook till chicken is tender for a nutritious soup. Add a splash of vinegar or dry sherry and season with S&P.  This is lovely with my dijon buns.


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