The Top 7 Things That People Who Succeed At Weight Loss Do

Succeed At Weight Loss – What if there was a way you could predict before you started your LCHF weight loss diet whether or not you’d be successful? Time and again, we see people set out with high hopes and a goal in mind and within a month they’ve reverted to how they use to eat and all the pounds and kilograms they’ve worked hard to lose have returned. Don’t let this be you.

Read on to find out exactly what people who are successful at weight loss and weight maintenance do:

1. They know how to cook and shop for ingredients

If you enjoy cooking, shopping and food preparation and are happy to set aside a few hours a week for these activities you’re much more likely to succeed! If you don’t, sorry to say that chances aren’t good for long term success. You see, the grab-and-go fast food mentality of our society just isn’t very LCHF friendly. Many people don’t know what to eat on LCHF because they’re so used to grabbing pre-packaged food like chips, candy and sandwiches.  Even LCHF friendly snack food like pre-packaged nuts and single serve cheeses, tend to be over-processed and contain additives like cotton-seed oil and unpronounceable chemicals which aren’t good for your health. AND –  purchasing pre-packaged items is expensive! LCHF is a lifestyle that lends itself well to using real, whole single food ingredients, fresh meat, seafood and a variety of spices. Check out our complete LCHF Shopping list here and put a little time and effort into planning some meals and snacks for you and your family. By planning your meals and snacks ahead of time you ensure your success on this lifestyle.

If you want this to be a way of life and not a temporary diet, commit to learning how to cook. Set yourself a goal of learning a new basic LCHF recipe every 2 weeks or each month. Take a look at our Basics chapter in our cookbook . Burger patties topped with cheese and a green salad with home made dressing are not difficult to make. Commit to learning just 1 recipe a month and in a year you’ll know how to shop for and cook 12 new recipes!

2. They make LCHF a way of life

If you see eating LCHF as a temporary way to eat just to lose weight and something you’ll just stop doing once you’re slim then prepare for the pounds to come back – fast! To succeed you need to make LCHF a permanent way of eating and a lifestyle that you can sustain over the long term. LCHF isn’t a diet that you should hop on and off, like a bus. You must make this an enjoyable way of eating where you don’t feel deprived, where you have no reason to cheat or eat off plan. You can make it easier to stick to this way of eating for life if you also focus on making all your family’s meals LCHF.  Check out some of our recipes for meals and desserts in our new cookbook and on our FaceBook Page. Trust us, your family and even picky eaters will love these recipes. If you have family members that want more carbs, just make them a side of rice or potatoes, while you stick to veggie sides with your meal. You may be surprised to find that they like the veggie sides! Roasted cauliflower, roasted brussels sprouts, cauliflower crust pizza and cauliflower mash are now firm favorites in many of our client’s households. It takes a while to form new habits so give LCHF a chance. It’s good for everyone’s health. Create a LCHF environment around you. Order LCHF in restaurants. Make your children’s lunches LCHF. Commit to it 100%, not as a ‘sometimes’ temporary way of eating. That is my own personal weight management secret – I eat the same LCHF foods to maintain my weight as I did to lose weight. I just ate fewer of these same foods to lose weight ie a few hundred calories less than what I do now.

3. They have a commitment to good health not just weight loss

If you view eating LCHF as not just a way to lose a few pounds but a way of eating to improve and preserve your health (and your family’s health), then you’ll have a stronger commitment to keep eating this way. The earlier you start eating this way, the fewer health problems you’ll have as you age. You’ll avoid high blood sugars, insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid problems AND you’ll avoid midlife weight gain. Choose good health and the weight loss will naturally follow.

4. They know what and how much food they’re eating

You’ve got to know what you’re putting into your body. If you’re serious about losing weight, especially when you’re over 40 and/or you have some degree of insulin resistance, you need to start counting your carbs and calories. While eating LCHF until you’re full might be great for your general health, that action may not necessarily translate to weight loss. Contrary to popular opinion, even those eating LCHF, need to create a calorie deficit in order to lose weight. People often say that eating LCHF will decrease your appetite and hunger so you will naturally eat less and therefore lose weight. However, that doesn’t work for everyone. We eat for many more reasons than physical hunger cues. If you hit a weight loss plateau or are having trouble losing weight by just eating LCHF then you will need to start tracking your food and your calories. In the beginning, spend a little time logging your food into an online food system and becoming familiar with food values. Write down all the foods you like to eat and look up their carb, fat, protein and caloric value. Once you know what you’re eating, you’ll have an easier time tweaking your diet so that you can lose weight. Eventually you won’t have to count claories at all – you’ll know the foods and meals that work for you.

5. They make exercise a daily habit

Diet and exercise go hand in hand. Although experts say that diet is more important, it is still important to exercise each and every day. As you get older your metabolism slows down, so if you sit around and don’t move you’ll need to eat a starvation diet just to maintain your weight, let alone lose weight. That isn’t sustainable. In addition, your muscles will atrophy if you don’t use them daily.  Exercise improves the way your body handles glucose and insulin – it improves insulin sensitivity. Exercise doesn’t have to be extreme to be effective. Make daily walking and a simple twice a week weights routine habits. Let’s say that you need 1600 calories a day to maintain your weight when you’re sedentary. If you lower your calories to 1500 you’re not going to see a very rapid weight loss. However, add in a daily 1 hour walk after dinner or during your lunch hour and you’ve just burned up an extra 200-300 calories. Over time that will make a significant difference to your rate of weight loss AND it’ll be easier to maintain your new goal weight once you’ve reached it. For those with insulin resistance (which is the majority of people as they get older) exercise is non-negotiable.

6. They know themselves

Everyone is an individual and an eating plan that works for one person may not work for you. People who understand their own unique physical needs and work with those needs are much more likely to succeed at weight loss and maintain their weight loss over time. Your age, height, weight, presence of certain health conditions (eg thyroid issues or insulin resistance), the medications you take and your daily activity level and food habits will all affect how easily you will lose weight and will dictate how many calories and carbs you need to eat to lose weight. The most successful people work with their bodies – not against them. You must do what works for YOU. If you’d like to know what your unique number of calories and carbs and what your macros should look like to lose weight and maintain your weight,  order our calculation service here and we will calculate those values for you. Within 24 hours of placing your order, you will have in your hands your own personal roadmap to success!

7. They are educated about nutrition and weight loss 

People who succeed at weight loss know what they are doing and understand how to get there. Take the time to read about eating LCHF and arm yourself with knowledge.  Read everything you can about the LCHF lifestyle and ask questions about anything you’re unsure about. We’re here for you if you have a question or need support.  We answer each and every email promptly. If you have a question about eating LCHF contact us at or via FaceBook.

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