Persistence Pays

Persistence Pays – Earlier today, I received an email from a 45 year old lady who has been following a Banting LCHF diet for a few weeks now. Let’s call her Elsa.

In three weeks Elsa has lost 6 pounds. This is about standard when it comes to healthy weight loss. However, Elsa complained that she hadn’t lost any weight in the past week and that all 6 lbs were lost in the first 2 weeks.

From what Elsa had told me in our emails, it sounded like fruit was slowing down her weight loss AND she also admitted that she had slipped back into eating 2 pieces of fruit every day rather than a piece every few days.  So I suggested she cut back on the fruit  for a couple of weeks.

But Elsa wasn’t having it. She was annoyed that she would have to eliminate her beloved fruit from her diet.

She didn’t understand – she LOVES fruit. Fruit is healthy and good for you, right? Not when  you’re losing weight. For all its vitamin content, fruit is full of fructose and fructose is still SUGAR….and sugar triggers INSULIN which will slow down your weight loss.

Why did she need to eliminate one of her favorite foods to lose weight? And also, WHY hadn’t she lost more weight yet?!

Along with anger at the challenge of losing weight in general, Elsa was frustrated, mad, and told me that she felt like giving up.

This is a feeling I know all too well. It’s a feeling that you have likely experienced too.

Luckily, we were able to discuss the issue, and by the end of the conversation, she said that she wanted to lose weight more than anything and was willing to lower her fruit intake.

Her commitment was renewed, and she was ready to continue on her weight loss journey.

I have had these exact kinds of email exchanges many times before.

The conversation where someone is actually starting to have success losing weight, but then their weight loss slows down and the person gets frustrated by how difficult it is.

By the fact that it’s not happening instantly.

By the fact that they actually have to change their lifestyle & habits to have weight loss success. People don’t like change. Change feels uncomfortable.

Listen up. I want to share with you two very important weight loss truths that I want you to focus on and internalize.

Here they are:

Weight Loss Truth #1: Weight loss is a commitment. What got you to your current situation, whatever that may be, will NOT get you out of it. You WILL have to change – whether it’s removing a food or two that you’re sensitive to such as fruit or bread, incorporating more walking into your daily routine exercise habits, etc.

You will NOT succeed in weight loss if you don’t COMMIT to making a change to better yourself. It just won’t happen.

It may suck at first. You may miss some of your previously favorite foods. But it will all be worth it. And trust me, there are plenty of other amazingly tasty, LCHF healthy foods to choose from. Its a matter of being patient and developing new habits.

Weight Loss Truth #2: Real weight loss DOES NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT. You might lose only 2 pounds per week. But that is a good rate of progress. Consistency is key – keep doing what you are doing and over time you will achieve the results you want. Initial losses are often larger due to fluid losses and then most people will settle down into losing 1-2 lbs a week. That is GREAT progress!

I want to you to forget all the lies you’ve heard in popular magazines about losing 10lbs each week. It is just not possible to keep losing 10lbs each week. It’s physically impossible. There are no magic pills to make that happen.

If you stick to truth #1 (commitment) – you’ll find that those 2 pounds per week will add up VERY quickly, and before you know it, you’ll have lost all the weight you wanted, without any negative, unhealthy side effects.

I know these are not the sexiest truths to hear.

I know that hearing “Just be patient with your weight loss!” might sound  annoying and frustrating.

And do I wish that I too could have lost all my weight with a snap of my fingers? Sure.

But I I am here ONLY to give you the no-nonsense TRUTH.

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~ Elena


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