Maintaining Your Weight Loss

Maintaining Your Weight Loss – When asked what they find hardest about losing weight most people will say “keeping the weight off”. While most people can lose 10, 50 or even 100 lbs, keeping those pounds permanently ‘lost’ is where most people run into trouble.  Professional tennis players will tell you that staying at No. 1 in the world is a lot harder than getting to that No. 1 position. It’s the same with weight loss.

What if we could tell you just by talking to you whether you’ll be one of those people who will regain the weight back.

One of the very first things we ask someone is “What are you looking forward to doing once you lose weight?”

The way someone answers this question will tell us with almost 100% accuracy whether they’ll be able to keep the weight off once they’ve lost it – or whether they’ll put all the weight back on again.

So, how do we know?

Most people tell us that they look forward to eating all the things they weren’t able to eat while dieting.

If that’s what you’re most looking forward to, you’ll regain the weight you’ve lost – and you’ll regain it very quickly. We guarantee it.

Losing the weight is only one part of the permanent weight loss equation. Keeping it off is the most important part.

One of our favorite sayings is “What gets you well,  keeps you well”

So, what does that mean exactly.

Once you lose you weight, for sure, you will be able to eat more food.  However, while you’ll be able to add a few favorite foods back into your diet, maybe some berries, more yogurt and generally larger servings of  most LCHF foods, to maintain your weight you’ll need to keep eating the foods you ate to lose weight. That’s why its important to enjoy the foods you eat while losing weight and why we spend a lot of time with people who we help discovering their food preferences and talking about what, when, where and how they like to eat.

Your low carb high fat way of eating has to become a way of life if you want to maintain your new slim body – and preserve your health.

It has to be your number 1 priority. Think of all the hard work you’ve done to lose weight and consider your reasons for wanting to be slim before eating that bag of potato chips or bowl of pasta. YOU are worth more than a bag of chips! :-)

Most people find that once they’ve eaten LCHF for a few weeks it becomes a new and pleasant habit and they no longer crave some of the more unhealthy carb filled, less nutritious foods they used to eat before.

Infact, most people say that foods they once enjoyed will taste sickly sweet and unpleasant to them if they start eating them again.

Part of what LCHF Nation aims to do is teach people about food substitutes and replacements they can use so they never have to eat off plan. It makes a world of difference to know that you can choose a healthier version of a fattening food and feel satisfied in every way with regard to taste and texture. Cheesecake? We have several awesome cheesecake recipes in our cookbook that are every bit as good as the original made with sugar. WE’re foodies so deprivation is not a word in our vocabulary!

If you have a hard time giving up rice, try our cauliflower rice recipe.

For those who love a big creamy dish of mashed potatoes whip up some creamy cauliflower mashed potatoes.

Served alongside an indian curry, cauliflower rice fools your taste buds into thinking you’re eating real rice. Plus, it feels great knowing that you’ve saved over 50g carbs in one dish!

There’s a LCHF version for everything you crave! Like our Chocolate Chiffon Pie below. See our LCHF Nation FaceBook page for the recipe. It’s every bit as good as the original.



For the bread lovers, we have amazing breads, buns, biscuits and scones in our LCHF Nation cookbook. See our Pumpkin n’Spice Scones here:


For those whose life is made more pleasant by a spoonful of  jam on their LCHF bread rolls, there are also awesome no sugar jams available. try and choose one sweetened with erythritol and/or stevia rather than splenda.

Once they’ve lost their weight, most people (myself included) find that they can return to enjoying a glass of wine or two with their dinner without any worries (most wine is only between 3- 5g net carbs per glass).

Being prepared by having low carb high fat replacement foods within easy reach can make all the difference in being able to maintain your weight instead of regaining it.

For people that say “but I can’t cook a separate meal for me and another meal for my carb loving family I recommend that they cook something LCHF that the whole family will enjoy (beef stew or roast chicken anyone?) and for the carb eaters in your family, if necessary, simply cook up a starch such as roasted potatoes, or rice and serve it alongside the meal. For yourself, just skip the starch or substitute one of your replacement foods like a tasty dish of roasted cauliflower or zucchini noodles (zoodles!) instead of potatoes. See our Zoodles served with our Shrimp Marinara below. Our whole family enjoys this:


As with most habits, eating LCHF gets easier the more you practice and the more experience you gain in cooking food this way.

Do you want restaurant quality AND easy to make LCHF recipes? We’re foodies – slim foodies 😉  Order our downloadable LCHF cookbook here. It’s packed full of our favorite LCHF recipes – the recipes we ate to lose weight and still eat to maintain our weight. Tried, tested and true.

We’re happy to guide you in making smarter food choices, while you lose weight and afterwards.  If you’d like us to tell you EXACTLY how many calories and carbs YOU need to eat to lose weight and to maintain your weight, and design an easy to follow meal plan tailored to your EXACT needs, food preferences and lifestyle to help you lose weight, order one of our custom designed meal plans. They’re the perfect solution for those who want to lose weight easily and not have to count or measure anything.


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