About Us


We’re Elena and John, founders of LCHF Nation, an informational website and free weight loss support service devoted to those who want to lose weight, are insulin resistant, pre-diabetic / diabetic or who follow a keto, primal LCHF way of eating and enjoy eating and cooking good healthy food.

Elena's Qualifications

Elena has a Masters Degree in Public Health and Nutrition from Curtin University in Australia, and spent several years teaching health promotion and nutrition to university undergraduates. While studying for her Masters degree, she ran her own specialty cake business from her home kitchen. In 2011, with John, she founded the White Lion Baking Company (WLBC), the first grain-free, low-carb, paleo bakery in the US. Elena has a strong dedication to preventive health and is passionate about staying in shape by eating a LCHF, keto, primal and unprocessed diet. She has a passion for creating and cooking healthy LCHF food.

John's Qualifications

John has a Masters Degree in biology from the Antioch New Hampshire. Along with Elena, he is the co-founder of White Lion Baking Company (WLBC). John is a talented baker and cook and enjoys good food that’s easy to prepare and is pleasing to all five senses.  He has been eating and cooking his whole life so considers himself an expert on the subject :) John prides himself on maintaining his svelte figure which he attributes to a healthy LCHF way of eating.

Through years of hard-won experience, we’ve discovered that a primal LCHF diet is the easiest, most effective, painless (read: no hunger!), healthy, and tasty way to eat in order to stay slim and avoid gaining weight especially as we age.  We started LCHF Nation to share our experiences, lifestyle and recipes and to demonstrate, how by making a few simple changes to the way you eat, it is easy to enjoy life without putting on weight.

More About Us

We’ve always enjoyed good food and everything that goes along with it – reading about it, talking about it, shopping for it, preparing and eating it, sharing it with our family and friends, pairing it with wine, photographing it and traveling to see how other people prepare and eat it. Above all else we LOVE to cook.

Our weekends are very often spent in the kitchen cooking and experimenting with new cuisines and inventing new recipes! Given our love of food, it stands to reason that we’re not going to adopt any way of eating that is limiting, boring, uncreative, and not tasty, satisfying, or healthy – or especially that makes us feel deprived and hungry. We have definitely found a way of eating that we love and that keeps us healthy and slim and that is the primal low-carb high-fat (LCHF) way. We have eaten LCHF for over five years now and we’re never going back!

In 2011, after developing an interest in the paleo/primal diet and incorporating its principles into our own and our family’s diet, we started the White Lion Baking Company, which was the first grain-free, paleo bakery in the US, offering sugar-free, unprocessed, low-carb, baked goods.
After struggling for a year to keep up our regular 9-5 jobs and our growing business, baking after hours and getting up at the crack of dawn to ship goods around the US, in 2012 we successfully sold the business to a full-time paleo chef who could devote herself to the business and it’s currently thriving and expanding. We now have more time to do what we love and that is to help people lose weight and cook, and create new recipes suitable for a low-carb high-fat (LCHF), lifestyle.

Need Help Losing Weight and Eating Healthier?

If you would like to adopt a LCHF way of eating in order to lose weight and get healthier, its our pleasure to help you by providing you with resources and support so that you can achieve your personal health goals.

A few diets which encompass the LCHF principles which we endorse and practice are Banting, paleo, primal, Atkins, Low Carb High Fat (LCHF), and ketogenic. We are well-versed in all these diets so can help you implement any one of them. If you have a weight loss or diet-related question please email us at: info@LCHFnation.com. We’d be honored to help you.

“Inspiring, motivating, and supporting others in choosing a LCHF diet is our passion and is what makes life meaningful for us. We believe that healthy choices should be easy choices and that eating right and maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most positive things you can do for yourself.”

– Elena Vaillancourt

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If you still need help after that, pick up one of our calorie controlled meal plans which tells you exactly what to eat for your calorie level or sign up for personal diet coaching.